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Smart Urban Properties Australia (SUPA) is Australia’s first unified services provider of converged utilities and communications infrastructure, integrated in-building technologies, engaging community and residential platforms and apps for multi-occupant properties. Focused on increasing property attractiveness and valuation for property investors, owners and occupiers, SUPA is on your side when it comes to making smarter, sustainable urban properties more accessible and affordable. 

IFM Investors recent $50 million equity investment in SUPA will see an acceleration of SUPA’s ambition to improve the lifestyles of the communities it serves by inspiring smarter, safer and more sustainable properties and elevated resident experiences.

Find out more.

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Landcom is a commercial business that develops land to achieve both public outcomes and financial benefits for the NSW Government and the people of NSW.  


Landcom supplies homesites through the delivery of sustainable masterplanned communities and development projects, with a focus on expanding the stock of affordable and diverse housing. Landcom also enables development by de-risking and unlocking strategic and complex sites in collaboration with landowners and the market.  


Landcom makes a positive difference in the lives of people across NSW across NSW by increasing the supply, affordability and diversity of housing and creating sustainable communities. 

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Detector Inspector has been making homes safer for over 18 years, delivering 500,000+ services over the past 12 months across 6 states and territories.  

Over the past year, we've significantly invested in assisting community housing providers in effectively overseeing their safety and regulatory compliance responsibilities. By establishing a specialised project management framework and fine-tuning our service delivery processes, we've dedicated ourselves to catering to the unique needs of community housing providers. Our tailored solutions encompass systematic onboarding, personalised support, and custom service packages, all backed by 18 years of expertise in safety and compliance and PropTech. 

Detector Inspector is committed to supporting community housing providers deliver Safe, Secure and Affordable Housing for all in need. 

Explore a client case study here. 

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Xn Global Systems, developer of rezpage, is a global software management company specialising in property management technology, point of sale and business intelligence solutions. Established in 1998, with its foundations and management in Australia, we provide technology and services to customers spanning 60+ countries. For residential PMS, we provide solutions for social & community housing, Co-living, and HMO (housing for multiple occupancy), build-to-rent (BTR), student housing, workforce accommodation, and retirement living. 


Our highly functional, cloud-native, open systems provide the latest technology and flexibility for operators and residents alike. Our open integration philosophy and commitment to continual product innovation ensures that we are a company that’s easy to do business with, adapt to changes in market demand and our customers’ needs. We optimise revenue generation, simplify operations, and enhance the quality and experience of residents. 

Cloudstaff supports property industry SMEs in overcoming talent shortages, technology demands, and costs by integrating cloud-based People & Technology solutions. 

For over 15 years, Cloudstaff has excelled in delivering bespoke remote staffing solutions, reducing costs, enhancing process efficiency and customer service for scalable growth. 

Recognized with the prestigious HR Asia Award for Best Places to Work in Asia in 2023 and 2022, Cloudstaff offers access to a vast talent pool of over 500,000 professionals, and a resignation rate below the industry average.  

Choose pretrained Cloudstaffers or training via our Cloudstaff Academy, and work remotely or work from a Cloudstaff office. Our onshore Client Success Managers collaborate closely to foster growth. 



Zavanti Housing is an Australian made, owned, supported and hosted, purpose-built community housing management system. 


Built on the MS Dynamics 365 platform, Zavanti an absolute game-changer for the sector which has struggled with on-premise, legacy systems or foreign imports usually from the UK which never quite fit Australian conditions and statutory requirements. 


Since 2015, Zavanti Housing's creator; Zavanti Australia Pty Ltd, has been growing the team to meet the demand and recently successful in winning the tender to serve Australia's largest housing provider and is: 

  • Highly user configurable 

  • Seamless integration with MS Office 365 and Finance systems 

  • Mobile inspection app 

  • Tenant and Contractor portals (no extra cost) 

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Holmes Dyer is an agile national consultancy of lateral thinkers facilitating 
bespoke outcomes in the use, design, development and governance of land, cities and communities.


We pride ourselves on our demonstrated ability to create, manage and deliver sustainable solutions tailored to our client’s specific needs.

We are involved in some of the largest and most complex projects in Australia,  from their inception and genesis, through the formulation of the governance framework, the investigation of the design opportunities, evaluation of the economic, social and environmental influences, to project adoption and implementation.

Chintaro: The Community Housing System 


Your Community Housing Partner 

Chintaro has been a leader in the Community Housing landscape for over 20 years, constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of the sector. 


Collaboration and Consultation 

Chintaro works closely with Community Housing Providers, Peak Bodies and Regulators to ensure CHPs are able to meet their day-to-day operational requirements and compliance objectives.


Built For The Sector 

Chintaro was built purely for Community Housing Providers. 


We Are Everywhere 

Chintaro is the system of choice for CHPs throughout Australia and New Zealand. We proudly serve Aboriginal & TSI, Māori & Pasifika, Women's Refuges, LGBTQI, Aged Care, Housing Co-ops, Refugee, Asylum Seeker, Transitional, Crisis, Disability and Youth and more. 

Our goal is to unlock the energy market for those who have traditionally been left out of the renewable energy space. Delivering cheaper, greener energy for those who need it most. 


  • 15+ years energy market & government policy experience. 

  • 369 Labs develops & commercialises disruptive energy efficiency and management technologies. 

  • Beat Energy™ is our energy retailer arm, connecting our innovative technologies with customer facing energy plans/services.  

  • 369 Labs today works with leading Tier 1 Community Housing Providers, delivering renewable energy solutions which reduce tenant energy costs whilst ensuring CHP’s can deploy assets cost effectively.  

  • Working directly with your tenants, Beat Energy manages their energy needs, assisting them to reduce energy costs.  

Taskforce Australia is a reputable and versatile technology/trade services company that designs workflow management systems and solutions. 

  • Comprehensive Services:  Taskforce Australia's Housing Solutions is the leading provider of property safety, compliance, and cost-effective maintenance solutions. We provide our clients value, quality, and peace of mind. 

  • National Reach:  Our extensive network of over 3500 trades enables us to serve clients throughout the country, making us the go-to choose for a national solution 

  • Established Track Record:  Est. 2014 Taskforce Australia has successfully completed over 150,000 jobs nationally to date. Overall, Taskforce Australia's combination of comprehensive services, a nationwide network of tradespeople, a successful track record, and a commitment to our clients makes us the #1 choice. 

SALTO is a leading technology provider of smart access control solutions, trusted worldwide to secure facilities across a broad range of industries and challenging applications.  


With 40 SALTO offices worldwide and product available in 90+ countries, SALTO has installed 5 million+ access points, with more than 40,000 projects all over the world and 40 million+ daily users.  


Flexible and scalable, SALTO solutions are perfect for small projects as well as large multi-site deployments. 


SALTO products are designed and manufactured in our state-of-the-art factory in Spain. Complemented by locally based technical support, clients always have the support they need when they need it.  


SALTO’s smart access control solutions are inspired and future-proof.  

.id (informed decisions) is Australia’s largest team of geographers, demographers, economists, spatial analysts, urban planners, social researchers, forecasters, census and IT experts. With more than 25 years’ experience, .id provide cutting edge tools and consultancy services to various sectors, converting complex data into actionable insights for effective decision-making. 

.id's services include the housing monitor, the leading information tool in the affordable housing space, providing the evidence base needed to make confident, strategic decisions that contribute to a better society. 

Established in 1964 in WA, Fleetwood Australia is the leading modular building company in the country. With 59 years of experience and 20 global awards, we are listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and trusted nationwide for quality building solutions. We rapidly provide buildings for local governments, including housing, sports facilities, offices, amenities, childcare, and learning facilities.  

Our buildings are delivered up to 50% faster as land preparation and manufacturing occur simultaneously. This eliminates noise, amenity, and community impacts associated with traditional construction. Visit to learn more about our fast, safe, and reliable building solutions. 

At Home in Place we do more than provide housing. We put homes in place for people in need.


With more than 8,000 properties under management, and a track record stretching back more than 35 years, Home in Place is one of the largest and most experienced not-for-profit housing charities in the southern hemisphere.


Our portfolio includes a combination of social housing, affordable housing, supported accommodation, and specialist disability accommodation (SDA). Our tenants benefit from a model of service delivery which integrates tenancy and property management within a broader network of services designed to help clients maximise their economic and social participation. With our government and private sector partners, we have also delivered close to a thousand new homes over the past decade, achieving profound social and economic benefits, at scale.


As a global leader in the delivery of social housing, and the fight against housing poverty, we are on a mission to create a world where all people have adequate and affordable housing and are engaged in sustainable communities.

As Australia's housing needs continue to rise, Community Housing providers face increasing pressure to effectively manage their housing inventory. At Proptech Labs and RACV Trades, we offer a range of solutions to help you meet these challenges head-on.  

Our solutions Inspection Manager, Bricks+Agent & RACV Trades are designed to simplify every aspect of property management. From efficient property inspections to proactive maintenance and seamless repairs, we provide the tools you need to keep your properties in optimal condition and readily available for tenancy.  

Ready to streamline your property management operations? Contact us today to learn more about how our solutions can benefit your organisation.

MRI Living for Social Housing connects community housing visionaries with innovative PropTech that powers thriving communities.  

As a social and affordable housing provider, you have a lot on your plate, with tenancies to manage, properties to maintain and colleagues to support, this can cause frustration. With MRI Palace housing management software, you can streamline your workflow and focus on building thriving communities.  


Come and talk to us, so you can empower your people, drive efficiencies, and deliver quality services and outcomes for your clients.  

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